Friday, August 29, 2008


The clock is ticking down very, very quickly. I still have a lot to do.
  1. Find a duffel bag to pack my stuff in (erm... yeah... that's a little bit vitally important)
  2. Figure out medical insurance junk
  3. Buy film & AA batteries
  4. Get myself an absentee ballet for the voting in November
  5. Visit my bank and let them know that ATM action in Kitgum is a-ok
  6. Say goodbye to all of my friends
  7. Pack
  8. Pack
  9. Pack, pack, pack
I've started having nightmares about packing. In one, I packed five or six of my old favorite stuffed animals and no water purification devices. (There's a pretty bad Hep-E outbreak in Kitgum at the moment).

On the sunny side of things, my Mauritanian colleague finally got his passport AND managed to run to the Ugandan embassy & get himself a visa -- so we're all set on that front.

The photo is a view from my DC Summer bedroom window.


Omutahinga said...

You probably won't get Hep-E since I don't expect you to fetch your water from infested wells and streams. However don't tempt fate. Typhoid, diarrhea and their friends are always lurking around the corner.

Karibu Uganda!


Ray-Ray said...


Oh, I don't suspect I will get Hep E, either. Although (like a spoiled child) I really hate purifying my water. I feel like such an idiot, if I'm at somebody's house, and they offer me a drink, to reach into my bag and pull out iodine tablets... but since I'm lucky enough to be able to purify my water, I know I shouldn't complain...

Tandra said...

u purify ur water? u r like uber kewl!

Boil your water, it shd be okay. :-)

Welcome... welcome

Ray-Ray said...

thanks for the welcome!!!

hahaha, and thanks for making fun of me about purifying my water, it makes me feel likeit's not o bg a deal so i shouldn't worry about it.

but you know, to my defense, i have a weak, weak american stomach;;;

ah!!! i*m in francefor the week, almost in Uganda,,, i can*t WAIT!!!

(sorry for allthe typos... weird frence keyboards...)