Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First days in DC

I was walking to pottery class tonight in the dark, at about 9 p.m. It was odd and kind of sad. In Kitgum, I rose and set with the sun. It was weird to be out and cold in the dark night.

My first day back in DC, my car was broken into. Stuff was taken, and subsequently partially recovered, when it was returned to another man who also had his car broken into and stuff taken. This other man's stuff ended up being beneath my clothes in my duffel bag when it was returned to him. He searched through my pockets and found my dad's phone number. My dad (whom I was not going to tell about my broken-into car) called me. Really, really odd.

Speaking of odd. Obama's face is everywhere here. Everywhere. Plastered on glass and painted on walls and mainly on cheap plastic merchandise. I love Obama, too, but... this is odd. I feel a little like I'm in 1984, and Big Brother is watching. Everywhere you go, everything you do, Obama's visage stares down at you. He's smart, he's good, he's true... but he's human. No man can live up to this hype, huh?

Being in DC takes far more courage on a day-to-day basis than being in Kitgum did, for me. Job searching and apartment searching and attempting to write articles and my thesis and trying to get health insurance again and and and, and it's all so stressful.


Mjay said...

Quite interesting seeing things through your eyes.
For some reason I imagined DC was a lot easier to deal with than Philadelphia for example.
I landed in Philly straight from Uganda and cried nearly every day, the place just seemed so run down and miserable.
DC on the other hand was the life of the party, very international atleast for me that is.

Excuse my rambling on your blog, but it is nice.

Ray-Ray said...

DC is probably easier to deal with -- tons of people from all over, and tons of excitement, and everyone has a sense of importance and a "cause" of some sort -- but it still was hard!!! It was hardest to not have a job, and so suddenly find myself in the middle of this huge busy city but have no place in it. Having jobs (even if they pay me next to nothing) has made life much easier -- I'm so busy, that there's no time to stress out!!!

Thanks for stopping by :-D