Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mama Ayaa

I was transcribing an interview with my friend Mama Ayaa this morning, in which she talks about the deaths of many in her family at the hands of the LRA.

Hearing her voice, I missed her, and so I called her up. She was excited to hear me and said that she'd dreamed last night that she was speaking to me. And then she kept saying that she "loved her little girl, her youngest girl, yesterday." I kept saying "Oh... that's nice". I was calling on skype, on the computer, where the audio wasn't perfect. It turns out she was saying that the LOST her little girl yesterday. One of her young nieces who stayed with her after her sister died, died of malaria. It seems like it never ends, there.


Mjay said...

Ow! that is sad, I'm sure she understood that you were empathising and not happy because of her misfortune.

Just passing by.

Ray-Ray said...

Oh -- thanks! I know she knew that I didn't understand what she was saying at first -- it really is just so sad, though!!!

Malaria -- awful, awful, awful...

Thanks for the comment!!!