Saturday, January 17, 2009

This week, I...

(Things that I've done this week to carve myself a niche here in DC)

1. Apartment searched
2. Found an apartment (which I won't be able to afford if I don't find a job)
3. Began moving in
4. Job searched
5. Went on one (1) job interview
6. Went to a bookstore to turn in an application for part-time work
7. Turned down one (1) internship
8. Began transcribing Mama Ayaa's interview
9. Got health insurance
10. Stressed out a lot & cried
11. Met up three (3) times with four (4) old friends
12. Went to the bank, checked my records, got back $$$ from a faulty charge and canceled my credit cards (after my car was broken into)

(Do I need to go to the police about my car being broken into in order to eventually collect insurance??? Probably.)

13. Bought bookshelves and constructed them to separate the part of our living room that is my new bedroom from the rest of the living room
14. Drove to Baltimore and picked up a mattress from Aunt Maggie


Tumwijuke Mutambuka said...

Still feeling stressed? I hope not. But if you are, here's a random cyber hug from a random cyber friend.

- Ugandan Insomniac

Ray-Ray said...

Yay! Thanks for the hug. I'm still crazy-stressed, but now slightly less stressed, because this morning I got a part-time internship with IRC, working on Africa Advocacy. So I get to work. It's unpaid, but I get to work. I go CRAZY when I'm not working!!!!!! Plus, the internship could lead to a real job, which could lead to me being handed a ticket back to East Africa. Which would be just peachy-keen awesome. Because it's cold and snowy and a little lonesome here!