Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I jury-rigged our drains! To catch the rainwater! When nobody else could! It’s awesome! I’m awesome!!! Now we will have lots of water (as long as it rains!) Wow. I’m like Macgiver. I used plastic bags and the strings I pulled off one of my dresses.

A UN report came out today saying that the worst place in the world to be a child right now is Karamaja. (I don’t know why the UN is calling it Karamaja, because while that’s still the popular name, in actuality the district name changed in 1980.) It’s the district next to Kitgum, 8 kilometers from where we were yesterday in Orom. Flor says child sacrifices go on there. We (Flor & Kristin & I) are planning to go through there in November to a national park! It will be my first ever African national park.

A froggy-frog snuck under the door into our house tonight and then freaked out and just sat still, stunned. I rescued him and he was so darling, so sweet. He hopped happily away.


(By the way, has J ever helped us to collect water? No, not once. He just uses it. I'm sure he thinks that collecting water is a "woman's job".)

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