Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Two babies have “blessed” me in the last two days. (That means they’ve peed on me.)

Yes, for the past two days, I’ve smelled of stale ammonia, baby-pee.

But it so doesn’t matter, because the babies are just so freaking cuddle-able. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to not hold them. And since most African babies whom I’ve met don’t wear diapers, one (ergo) gets peed on.


There is one shop (and only one shop) in Kitgum Town that sells socks. This shop only sells socks. (It’s a specialty sock shop.)

However, no two socks in the sock shop match each other. Nope. There are no pairs. Just singular socks. They’ve clearly been used, too, and then donated to Goodwill or somewhere, and then rejected by Goodwill or wherever, and so shipped to Africa.

Does it answer the question as to where that other sock went when the washing machine ate it? Or is it simply a display, beautiful in its simplicity, of how fucked up the wealth distribution of this world is? You decide!

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kristi said...

oh i needed that laugh this morning :-) thanks dear! i wish i could visit the sock shop with you! don't you just love africa?!