Monday, October 20, 2008


Oh my God. Today is one of the days that I hate it here. I hate the heat, I hate the violence, I hate the fact that I can’t understand the language, and I hate the fact that I’m viewed as such an “outsider” with my white skin. I hate the misogyny, and I hate the humidity in the air. I hate the nepotism. I hate the politics.

J lost it today. His form of “losing it” was to let go of his temper with me when we disagreed with something related to the project, in the office. He lost it to the point that he was standing across the room, screaming that I should “Go f* myself” and that I am a “Mother f*er”. Another man stepped out to hold him back but he kept yelling. Yup. After I’d started crying, he said: “If you’re so f*ing sensitive, you should have f*cking stayed in DC.”

He then told our boss that he wanted “to strangle me”. He told OUR BOSS this.

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