Sunday, September 14, 2008

10-Sep-08 continued

Later in the Flight

We’ve crossed through Italian and Libyan airspace and are now over The Sudan. I can see the sun setting over the Darfur Mountains. They (KLM) brought us coffee with Bailey’s in it, and ice-cream. I’ve watched Iron Man and episodes of 30 Rock on our personal TVs. And I’m in the back of the bus! Oh my god, KLM rocks, man.

Alright, and now we’ve made it into Ugandan airspace. The pilot (Captain Bleak) made an announcement to say that it’s illegal to take photos of the Entebbe airport, which is sad, because one of my rituals upon landing is to take that first step out onto the tarmac, breath in the new-country air, and take a photos of the “Welcome to Where-ever” sign. 19 minutes remaining in our flight time. I hope that somebody will be there to recognize and greet me at the airport.

Landed. First step off airplane. Air smells heavenly, heavily of incense.

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