Friday, September 26, 2008


My new Acholi words:

....Ngea Rock-el-ay, pey "Mwuna"!

Which means:

....My name is Rachel, not "Hey, White Person"!

I've been saying it to the children in the nearby streets all morning. (They spend all day every day hunting me down and shouting "Mwuna! Mwunabye!") About four (or so) of the children have since said my name (and I've given them big kisses). I will prevail! They will ALL know my name! Eventually!


Scarlett Lion said...

Get ready to get sick of the sound of your own name :-). I applaud your mission none-the-less.

Ray-Ray said...

hahaha I'm sure... my Acholi colleague Patricia kind of stared at me in horror when four kids followed me back to our office after lunch yesterday and said that "This would be a problem" and I would "Not be able to walk through town comfortably anymore". But they're sooooo sweeeeet. I can't stand it! These kids are so adorable & precious.

Scarlett Lion said...

You sound like a woman about to pay school fees.

Ray-Ray said...

To my credit, I haven't even broken down and gotten them candy yet!!! Not that the children are asking me to give them candies (they seem pretty immune to it up here it Kitgum -- I guess not many European tourists make it up this way to pass out sweets to the "poor hungry Africans"...) but their mothers are definitely asking for candies for the kids. Kisses, hugs, smiles, and advocacy help are what I plan to give... hopefully.

Your photos from Gulu that you posted on your blog today are beautiful, by the way!!! I LOVE the red tomatoes, the shadows from the thatched roof of the home, the hut under construction -- so inspiring!!!