Monday, September 22, 2008


How foolish, to worry so much about what I’m going to wear. Of course, I was visiting people who never have that luxury, who are wearing Goodwill rejects full of holes, because the economics of the world are so screwed up.

It was fun, though. Everyone was super-welcoming and kind and I got to play with tons of beautiful babies. It was crowded there. I met formerly abducted youths who’d been forced to serve as child-soldiers.

Tonight it rained. When it thunders here, you can watch the licks of lightening from their nativity in the clouds to their touchdown on the earth, because the sky is so large and the horizon so deep.

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kristi said...

Oh Rach, I heart your blog too!!
Keep writing - I love reading what's going on up there! And it's kinda cool to know I'm not the only one in some crazy little village in the forgottens of Africa. :-)