Sunday, September 14, 2008


When I woke up this morning, I didn’t know where I was. Or what country I was in. The USA? France? The Gambia? Uganda?

The water from my hotel has little things floating in it. Well, I mean, I assume they were floating in it last night when I drank it. This morning, they’d settled to the bottom. Ugh. At least I know that none of the little specks had DNA. I killed all that with UV rays last night.

The view from our hotel – on the top of a hill – is beautiful. Green, rolling hills. J says it reminds him of Vermont! It’s so lovely here. Wide blue skies. Fluffy marshmallow clouds. It’s hard to imagine war.

At the office, I felt like the new kid during my first day at a strange school. I had toast with butter and sugar for breakfast, bread sprinkled with sugar for mid-morning snack, Acholi bread (which is delish, like na’an) with sugar for lunch, and semi-sweet French chocolate, a granola bar, and multi-vitamin Emergen-C drink for dinner. Also, a banana.

I didn’t pull down my mosquito net last night because of the heat. I got bit half to death.

J’s chosen way of bonding with our new male colleagues is by making terrible masochistic-pig jokes. I’d copy some of them down here, but it makes my want to puke. It made me stomp into my motel room tonight without saying “Good Night” to him.

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