Saturday, September 20, 2008


As of tonight, I will have been in Uganda for ten days, and there are 89 days till I go home. It's such a short, short, short time that I have here! It's crazy...

We no longer have an indoor toilet. Because we haven’t had running water in five days or so, we can’t use the indoor toilet anymore. There’s a concrete hole in the backyard, though, that we can share. We have to go collect our water from the “Bore Hole” which I assume is a community-wide well? I’m not sure; I’ve never been there. Kristen and I are going to go there today, though, because we’re completely out of water. Once we get water, we’ll be able to shower and wash the dishes and wash some of our clothes, maybe. And we can boil some of it to drink, too. But we still won’t be able to use the indoor toilet, because that just takes too much water. When I stayed at my friend Ava’s house in a village in Eastern Gambia, we didn’t even have a concrete hole. That was rough. The concrete hole is fine.

Oh dear. The local bore hole is "broken" (I'm not sure how?) but luckily it poured this afternoon, so we put basins outside and now have plenty of water! Yay!


C.S.C. said...

Wonderful adventures you're having, Rachel!! We love you and we miss you! We're at busboys thinking of you!

Ray-Ray said...

Awwww!!!!!! Hi guys!!!! Thanks!!! I MIIISSSSSS YYOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all are enjoying Busboys ESPECIALLY much for me!!!!

Busboys date in January???